Site-to-site VPN service provider experiences?

Given the latest kerfuffle about US-based ISPs and their being allowed to collect detailed usage data we see an uptick in user demand for access to VPN services.
Use case example: A Comcast customer wishes to tunnel all their office traffic through Comcast to a (trusted non-logging) VPN service provider.
Question: Do any of you have experiences with US-available VPN service S2S providers that work with Peplink equipment?
Any and all pointers and observations are welcome. Positive experience and recommendations particularly so.

I’d also be interested in hearing experiences, but of course the VPN provider can collect the information the same as Comcast.

Sure - the quest is to find a VPN service provider that (1) connects S2S, and (2) pledges/contracts or otherwise provides assurances that they will not log traffic.

One such example is Sonic, which has been a strong advocate for not collecting usage data (but unfortunately does not provide S2S connections, I believe).