Site to Site VPN QOS

From a QOS standpoint, does the site to site VPN always have the highest priority for bandwidth allocation?

I am trying to decide if I should do my video conferencing through the VPN or through internet firewall rules.

We have a 380 in the main office and are putting up a 210 in a remote office.

We use H.323 Lifesize Video Conferencing at both locations.

Hi Marc,

The answer is yes, VPN traffics will always have a higher priority than normal Internet traffics. But for your information, Peplink Balance will not prioritize traffics inside VPN tunnel at this moment. Which means if there is heavy data transfers between two VPN peers, the video conference via VPN may be affected.



The Peplink Team

Thanks for the response. Is traffic priority within the VPN slated for a future update? Sounds like a feature that I know would help my company for sure. Especially since we use VOIP and when there is heavy data transfers, the quality of the call is affected just as you mentioned.

Hi Mark,

Customizable QoS in the Site to Site VPN is coming in a future firmware update. I do know there has been requests for the feature. I don’t have a time line for implementation as of yet. Once we do, we will make sure to make an announcement.

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The Peplink Team


Is there any news on QoS within the Site to Site VPN in a future firmware update? I have VoIP traffic and data traffic within the VPN that I would love to be able to prioritize the VoIP, and found this thread which does seems pretty old.


We look to have it released in one to two months - it is not a guarantee but our software engineers are working very hard on this.

I am keenly interested in the up coming 5.4 firmware release. Specifically, does the QoS on the Site-To-Site VPN control VOIP traffic. We need to be able to dedicate bandwidth for VOIP phone traffic across the link and I can see file copies and activies can satuate the VPN link.



I did not see mention of this in the 5.4 release notes. This is the one killer feature that we need soooo bad.

Great news guys - QoS within bonded Site-to-Site VPN will come in firmware 5.4 production release.

All applications under Network > QoS > Application will be supported including VoIP.

Application QoS for our VPN bonding is completed after public beta 2, therefore, it was not included in previous release notes :slight_smile:

We know this is an exciting feature that customers are looking for. We hope you will enjoy it. The wait is ALMOST over. Thanks for your patience.

This is great. I just purchased 2 380s and look forward to see it in action