Site to site VPN priority on multiple WANs

We have S-T-S VPN on a 580 & 310 appliance: each appliance have a 7/.512 ADSL + 10/10 Fiber connections and all connections are bonded in VPN all using “1 (Highest)” priority.

I does not understand what really occurs if i setup ADSL (less performing WAN) to 2 ot 3 priority … may VPN performaces increases or decreases ?


You would look at the upload/download speeds separately. It is best to have similar WAN links for ideal bonding; otherwise the Balance on the receiving side will have to wait for packets to arrive down the slower link before it can reassemble them. When you set the slower link to priority 2, it will still build a tunnel but the Balance will not send packets down the slow link unless the priority 1 WAN fails. This will probably give you the best performance.

Thank you very much Ron, very clear !