Site office, cellular product suggestion request

A site office has 15 users using 4G cellular data and needs a modem router combination that allows antennas to be fixed outside the office as the signal strength is low inside.

I am looking for single or dual cellular options. Please suggest cost effective models with suitable antennas (omni).

Hi James - Welcome to the forum!,
BR1 Mini is the most CAPEX cost effective router. Single cellular. Get the LTE-A variant.

For dual look at the MAX Transit on primecare at buy the LTEA-Pro version.

For the omni antenna look at ANT-101-LTE2 or any of the big brands. Unless you are in an urban situation (or a vehicle that drives through urban locations) I suspect a directional antenna would be a better choice.

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Thank you Martin for the suggestions. The site is in Singapore (asia pacific). Which version works here?

It is a fixed installation and I opted for omni because there are obstructive construction coming up all the time. Do not know where is the cellular tower.

Thank you for yiur thoughts on these.