Sip with DTMF using Peplink 20


Using the peplink balance 20 , when in line with a sip gateway, Adtran 908e, DTMF tones are not being recognized by the PBX v-mial. When the Peplink is removed and ISP is connected to the Sip Gateway directly, No problems. Have upgraded to 7.0.2 firmware, no change.What is the Peplink 20 doing with the DTMF?


Please tell us a bit more about your architecture and, in particular, what you mean by “in-line.” The Balance can’t “eat” DTMF tones. - Rick


Is it just DTMF tones going awry? Have you checked that you have two way audio when the balance is inline - can you dial in and out? Smells like the SIP ALG getting in the way but if that was the case you would see more issues than just a DTMF fault.