SIP TLS losing registration/contact

I have two Peplink Balance One devices (different locations; different hardware configurations) running the previous release firmware, and both are experiencing issues with SIP TLS (TCP). Plain SIP over UDP is reliable as ever, but SIP TLS results in loss of connection with the server at some point requiring a reboot to bring the phones back online.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with SIP TLS?

Is there a setting that could help with losing the registrations?

I have “compatibility mode” enabled on the Peplink router which I understand turns off SIP ALG. Is the situation I describe an instance when enabling SIP ALG on Peplink is the way to go?

Please upgrade to the latest firmware version to confirm this will help.

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In the update log I didn’t see any bug fixes that would relate to the SIP TLS issue I’m experiencing, but I went ahead and updated one of the units to the latest firmware over the weekend.

On the device I upgraded to the latest firmware, the problem continues.

Please help to do the Network Capture via http://LAN-IP/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi when the TCP SIP losses connection to the SIP server. Do let us know the IP address of the affected IP phone. Then submit ticket and attention to me.


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