SIP Service Passthrough Support that is reliable; or a reset interface element for the SIP Passthrough engine

In our small network we have 3 SIP devices, 1 Peplink Balance 310hw2 running firmware 5.4.1 build 1285 and 2 WAN links.

One SIP device (a Snom370 phone) is configured with 6 SIP accounts from 4 different SIP providers. This SIP device is also configured to only sent UDP SIP packets and not TCP SIP packets, despite what the SIP provider prefers via its SRV records.

All of a sudden 3 accounts from 1 provider were no longer registered on the Snom370 phone. A re-registration did not bring the accounts back. One of these 3 accounts is also configured on another SIP device (shared SIP account), which was functioning (incoming calls did arrive).

After rebooting the Peplink Balance, the failing SIP accounts immediately start to re-register.

Feature requests:

  1. a more reliable SIP passthrough engine
  2. a reset user interface alement for the SIP passthrough engine

Note: diags + config will be sent to support

Thanks. We will sort this out via support.

Please see ticket #730449