SIP phones lose registration after WAN offline


We have been having this issue on a handful of Balance series routers 20/20x. The WAN will go offline and the SIP phones will not recover. This has happened on multiple types of SIP phones. I have run a capture and can see the LAN sending registration packets to the WAN IP, but the WAN capture has no record of it. Rebooting the Peplink will bring all the phones back online. Has anyone else run into this issue and can offer a fix for this?


Has anyone experienced this type of issue?

Seems not. Suggest you log a ticket with engineering so they can work on it with you.

Thanks Martin. I have already opened the ticket and it’s been open for a few months. They have finally escalated it to the engineers tonight it has been given priority. I’m still waiting for an answer. As stated, the LAN captures have the REGISTER packets from the phones. However, the WAN capture has no record of it. It doesn’t happen on all the phones at the site. The one phone using the default SIP port 5060 works which makes me believe it might be related to a NAT issue. This has been happening on about 10 different Peplink routers (B20 and B20x) with all different firmware. The outbound access rule is the default (any any accept). Rebooting the Peplink brings all the phones back online.

I’m sure you’ll get to the bottom of it.
I tend to run all my SIP over PepVPN to a Fusionhub in alongside the PBX - all because I hate dealing with NAT and VoIP :slight_smile:

Why is only one phone using 5060, and the others a different port? Is the server on your LAN or external?

Do you have multiple WAN? Are you directing SIP through a specific WAN (usually a good idea)? In your outbound policy rule did you check the box “terminate sessions on connection recovery?” This is necessary with multi WAN and SIP in order to force the phones back to the WAN you desire. Without that selection they will stay on the alternate WAN indefinitely.

Hi Don,

We are only using 1 WAN at these sites. All phones are using port 5060 by default. The Peplink is using NAT on the WAN. The server is hosted in the cloud using multiple datacenters across the US.