Single Site VPN posibilities?

After 3 days of reading, I am either looking for the wrong thing, or it’s not possible. I have a single office connected with 3 DSL lines and an (occasional) 4g LTE modem. This works great, up to 4.5 (or about 8) Mbps. My problem is on https sites, I am stuck on one (usually DSL) line for a total throughput of 1.5Mbps. Seeing the speedfusion bonding and VPN bonding between multiple peplink routers makes me wonder if there is a solution for me to get to a VPN (that is hopefully hooked to the internet via fiber) and use a bonded connection with all 3 (or 4) lines back to the office. This would let me use full bandwith on my https sites, and also let me combine uploads as well.

Or is there no way to do this?


We have a solution for that, check out “SpeedFusion as a Service” at the link below.

However, it’s something provided by our partners, but not from us though.

As for your HTTPS problem, it’s because of the traffic itself, which usually require you to use the same link for sending and receiving, hence the throughput of a single link than an aggregated one.

We offer a bonding service called SimplyBonding. If you have a SpeedFusion capable router you could bond back to our servers. You would be able to take advantage of SpeedFusion (unbreakable connectivity, aggregated traffic across your WAN connections) without having to manage a second Peplink or FusionHub.

Without another Peplink device (physical router, FusionHub, bonding service) you could only load balance. Your network would have the three connections available but no single session could use the speed of multiple connections for upload or download.