Single Location Bonding

Hi Peplink Team,

I notice the Mushroom is able to do single location bandwidth bonding, and I did personally see the result and my friend deploy it a most of the hotel in Malaysia and it have a very good result. Just want to check with u Peplink got any planning to put in this kind of features?

 The description as below:

**Acceleration **- All HTTP downlink sessions are aggregated for faster transfer via the Broadband Bonding technology. Even in cases of single HTTP session (an example of such a session is a single file download), all Internet access lines are simultaneously and intelligently combined together to provide a faster data transfer for that single session.

We have experimented with this idea of adding a software download manager directly onto the device, but discovered it is prone to a lot of performance issues. It doesn’t work for all traffic types and only some HTTP traffic. We also noticed that on a busy network with a lot of activity, this feature will cause the device to lock up and requires a reboot to fix. We don’t believe in the word “reboot”.

We feel the download manager is best left as a software application that is run on the client PC and not on the device itself. I use “downthemall” and it works awesome.

We will continue to investigate this in our labs and if there is a way to make it work reliably and stable we may add it sometime down the road.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the update, hopefully you manage to make this features success as soon as possible.
Hope to hear you soon. :slight_smile: Good Luck

On a related topic, The peplink VPN bonding is too restrictive. As a home / small business user, we don’t have a head office. There is no “head office” to our equipment.

Instead we rent a server in a data center and install our web sites and services there. Or we colo our own equipment in the datacenter. The data center is already multihomed and very fast. We need to get a bonded VPN to that location. But purchasing another Peplink, and paying extra rent on rack space / power etc, is too much.

Here is the suggestion: Make a software head end for the VPN bonding. Install it as a service into our Windows / Linux servers. Then the Peplink in our office can connect to that server service, and enjoy the huge bandwidth available into the server. The server will have multiple IP’s on the net interface, so that will satisfy the need for parallel connections.

That’s a lot cheaper and easier for small business or power home user, and it gives you a bigger market to sell too.

Ross H

Hi Ross,

We hear you. We’ll have something coming up in and you’ll be happy to see the concern you have will be addressed.