Simultaneous WiFi as WAN and AP

New user here and a quick question. I have a Pepwave MAX Transit Duo LTEA and I am attempting to use WiFi as WAN and connect to it as an AP at the same time.

It appears if I connect to a 5G WiFi AP as WAN the Transit doesn’t always broadcast the 5G WiFi SSID, only the 2.4G, and vice versa. Firmware is 8.1.1 build 5040. Is this normal behaviour?

Thank you.

I was told during training the other morning that doing both would impact both. Wasn’t really designed for that I guess. I am working on a way to put my Mikrotik Metal back on the roof again. I replaced its attachment to the batwing with the Puma 401 to keep it flat stowed and raised. I also heard the exact same thing during a call with the MIRC. -Bill

Ok, thank you. I raised a ticket…will post what I hear back. My understanding was this should work.