Simcard IMEI number!


IF we send 8 simcards to our vessel and they insert it we need them to push them out and tell us the IMEI number before we can call the Cellular company and check if the data is used or other problems.

In Cisco and other network equipment it is possible to see the IMEI of the simcard in all slots.

Is a missed feature that should be easy to implement and i also think that there is a lot og people who will be happy to have this feature.

Hope that you take up my request to improve your equipment:)

Here is an ex from Cisco:
Router#show cellular 0/0/0 all
Hardware Information

Modem Firmware Version = K1_0_2_18AP C:/WS/F
Modem Firmware built = 12/29/08
Hardware Version = 1.0
International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Actually, we already show the IMEI number for each modem via the Details tab. If you upgrade to the latest firmware version 6.3.0 you can also see the SIM ID as well as additional information about each connection.