Sim_pools does't have patch functionality


this end point doesn’t patch pool with imsi numbers it over writes the existing imsi.
So i have to get existing imsi list and then
add new imsi to existing list
then call above end point.

is there any way that i can update it with new imsi rather than over writing existing imsi in the pool.

You are correct, The update SIM pool profile endpoint does not support patch.
Please get the existing profile from the GET endpoint, add your imsi to the list, then POST with the whole updated profile.

but why,
using GET for existing profile and appending new imsi is it safe.
im concerned about any network issues/crashes during GET and i might miss imis from existing profile.

why did u design this way.

InControl uses the same set of API to implement the InControl web UI. InControl’s front end loads the IMSIs from the API. After the user made and verified all the changes, the frontend saves all IMSIs in one API. That’s how the API is designed.

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