SIM connectivity issues on LAN

Using a HD2 Dome with SIM injector.
Pepwave MAX HD2 Dome LTEA Firmware 8.1.0 build 4925
Pepxim SIM Injector Firmware 1.1.55

The client has happily been using the unit with 2 local (french) SIMs but recently wanted to try a Kuwaiti card that he brought (being Kuwaiti) with him.
Although the pepwave remains online and is accessible via IC2, it seems that from the LAN side the user is unable to reach the internet.
There is no Firewall or outbound policy set, all setting are in their default.
APN setting seem fine, health check comes back as positively good.

Has anyone experienced such a thing? Any suggested test I could do to pinpoint where the issue may be?

I also have one other observations which has me curious.
Why does cellular 1 have a MEID, whilst cellular 2 does not?
(found on details page of the cellular modem)
I had thought the 2 modems are identical and the data (fields) shown should also be identical?

Thank you,

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Hello Tim @tgorter,
Recommend that you consider using the latest SIM Injector firmware, to my knowledge that is Version 1.1.65.
PM/Contact me and we can have a look remotely at the system with you, could be a simple DNS issue on the DHCP side of the LAN settings.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hello Marcus,
Can you share the release notes for SIM Injector firmware 1.1.165

Hello @Renchi,
We have never seen any release notes for any versions of the SIM Injector, it is very likely there is currently none available.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: