SIM Connected but Not Getting Internet

I’m not new to using internet, but I am new to setting it up. Any help would be appreciated!

I’ve got the HD dome installed on my sailboat mast, with the SIM injector inside and the AP rugged one.
We finally got everything connected (took a few weeks to figure out how to get our CAT cable down the mast!) and now we are working to setup the network.
I can see the SIM cards I have in the SIM injector on the admin webpage. They show as connected to VIPnet 3G, but when I connected my phone to the network, there is no internet.

Am I missing a step in-between connecting the SIMS and getting them to “broadcast” out an internet connection?
I also don’t see any option to connect to the marina wifi and use that as a WAN with my current set-up.

I’ll take any tips, or articles, or youtube tutorials you know of!

From the HD dome can you ping out the cellular interface to the internet?
Did it pass smartcheck?