SIM Card(carrier) failure - maybe moisture related

I received a MAX-BR1-IP55 back from the field today that was not connecting for my client. I powered everything on once I received it and found that the Cellular WAN connection status was showing there was no SIM card inserted. I removed the SIM card and found somewhat dull contacts like the unit had moisture inside. I reinserted the SIM and the modem was able to connect. I proceeded to disassemble the modem and found the rest of the inside of the modem enclosure to be very dry and clean. Is this a known issue with moisture getting onto the SIM card contacts or could this be some other software/firmware bug with losing the SIM details. IT did say at one point when I first powered it on something about a SIM PIN number missing. We don’t use a SIM pin and the message eventually went away and said no SIM inserted. But to be clear it, it did connect just fine after re-seating the SIM.


May I know this unit was used in which environment? How many units deploy in this environment and having similiar problem?