Signal Strength/RSSI for UML290/295

I just purchased and installed a Peplink Balance 20 this week to replace the current Cradlepoint mobile broadband routers we’ve been using and one of the main features I’m missing that Cradlepoint offers is more details regarding the mobile connection, specifically being able to see the signal strength in bars along with the RSSI values when I log into the routers dashboard.

The RSSI values are something I check frequently throughout the day when I’m troubleshooting issues with speed or latency on the 4G LTE connection or when configuring new 4G LTE equipment and with the Peplink it doesn’t give me any details at all for the Verizon Pantech UML290.

Any chance Peplink could add support to at least show the RSSI values? The USB modems that I specifically need support for is the Pantech UML290 and UML295.

Thanks for the feature request, moving this post over to that forum.

I have the same request as I also relied on that information using my cradlepoint router for troubleshooting, antenna pointing.

Same request for me as well (Pepwave Surf Soho with UML290) . Seeing the RSSI signal strength on the admin page is about the only feature I miss from my cradlepoint mbr95.

We are already working on this on our side and it will be available in a future firmware update, stay tuned…