Signal quality indicator - Change data source or add RSRQ / SNR / RSRP to device dashboard

Hey guys,

We have a HD4 Max installed on a vessel with both the Main and Aux antennas connected and 4 SIM card slots used on.

My question is about the signal strength indicator. Since we are a ship we use amplifiers to increase our range when we are further away from the coast.

Using amplifiers though means that the RSSI always comes in high, but if our signal is weak then obviously the SINR, RSRP and RSRQ can be low even though the RSSI is high.
Sometimes some of our SIM cards can have a good SINR/RSRP/RSRQ whilst others don’t.

The thing is the signal indicator seems to be purely based on the RSSI value which is always high for us. Is there anyway to change it so the quality indicator is based on something like SINR instead? I would like to be more strict and have connections with low SINR be disabled so only ones with high SINR values are used.

Here is a typical case of a SIM card which is reporting perfect signal but if you dig into the details you find that it is actually:
RSSI: -53dBm SINR: 0.0dB RSRP: -78dBm RSRQ: -17.0dB

Thanks in advance!

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No, not at the moment, but I like the idea of adding more indicators to show SNR / RSRQ in the dashboard view. Lets move this to feature requests.


Thanks. Yeah would be useful to have more indicators in the dashboard. But I would also like the acceptable signal take this into account as well. Would like it to de-prioritize these ones and fall over from the ones with weak SNR / RSRQ to the others which have a good signal.

At the moment all of my 4 SIMs always get marked as perfect signal when in fact two of them normally do not have good signal.

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Yes of course - this is a very valid requirement.

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