Show discrete LAN port information on MAX-HD


Please add discrete LAN port information to Status>Client List> to include what LAN port host XYZ is plugged in to. I am supporting a remote sites that use Pepwave Max HD2 & HD4. All the information is there except what port a device is plugged into. I may want to go from a flat network to VLANs and knowing what is plugged in where would assist in assigning VLANs to LAN ports.

Lon Palepoi


Wow a year and no reply. I’m impressed Peplink.


Hi Lon, it’s only been 3 months but we do appreciate the feature request. I don’t think this would be that easy to implement but let’s wait for more feedback from the community on how many others are looking for this capability. Thanks.


This would be a great feature request, also each lan port needs to be configured independently. So as an example only specific vlans could talk over specific lan ports.


Hi Tim,
I’m simply requesting an empty field next to the LAN port to where you can add a description. That way remote administrators can see what device is plugged into what LAN port and change VLANs if needed.