SFE connectors, MMCX vs SMA



I have a question regarding the Speed Fusion Engine. It has what’s know as MMCX connectors on the front, instead of SMA. These MMCX are quite fragile and not suited for use cases where the SFE goes in and out of, say a backpack.

  1. Why does it have MMCX and not SMA?
  2. Is it possible to get a better type of connector that connects better?



You’re right, the MMCX connectors are more fragile that SMAs, but its all about size with the SFE.

The MMCX connectors are obviously physically smaller and so take less room on the PCBA also. Its not really designed to be chucked about in a bag, but rather mechanically installed in something else (like an ATM, an internet kiosk etc) that would protect the connectors and add strain relief to the antenna cables.

It I needed an SFE to be portable I would put it in another enclosure.


Hi Martin.

Have had a look inside the SFE, and from what I can tell. UFL-SMA Female would fit. No? The “sexy” thing about the SFE is obviously the size, and use case that you could have a ultraportable router with SMA makes more sense. Just throwing ideas out there.
Putting it in a enclosures is a compromise


Not when the enclosure adds value.

I have an old BR1 Slim that I chuck in my laptop bag. Its scratched and full of fluff, the smas come loose and I’m forever snapping the hinges on the antennas, but does what I need it to do. Not sure I would want to do the same thing with a SFE even if it had SMAs.

There was obviously a mechanical design decision made when SMAs were used. Peplink are good at listening. If lost of people want SMAs on the SFE then I’m sure they’ll tell us if that’s possible.