SF Realtime status inside my API, is it possible?

Hello guys,

I’ve been working with Peplink devices for over 6 years now, during this period I’ve developed a streaming backpack in Brazil based on Peplink SF Bonding capabilities.

Right now I’m developing a new system, much smaller and controlled via smart phone or Web Gui. And I have one request.

My goal is to create a easy to use system, so that the user can control everything inside my API. The encoder interface is basically ready now, but would be amazing to be able to provide SF information in real time inside my API, the goal is to create a user friendly interface.

Is that something possible to do? Could the tech team of Peplink provide me such access? I basically need this info inside my API.

Thank’s in advance

This should be a feature request. The requested feature is not supported at the moment. We will file this request.


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Yes this is possible - although not officially supported so be ready for a journey of discovery and trial and error, and be prepared to have to edit your solution when new firmware is released.

The content of that view comes from calls to the api.cgi page on the local device. If you login to the device and then visit:


the response is a JSON object with all the data needed to display that page and within that Object is the data you need.

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Hello Martin, how are you?

Firstly, thank’s for your help :slight_smile:

I’ve applied the command, but all I got was the following info:

It doesn’t contain all the information needed, specially the most important, such as which modem is connected to the SF tunnel and the individual RX/TX speed and latency. Is there any other way to obtain this info?

Also this command presents a problem to integrate it do my API, I need to be logged in to the Peplink Admin, otherwise it won’t work. Is there any other way to access this information by not being logged?

Thank’s once again.

It works fine for me. Here is an example response. Authentication against the webui is a real pain in the ass though… I have automated that with a web user experience test tool, so that it logs in on the web ui via a browser and then the API call happens.


That’s odd!
Could the device or firmware version interferer on what is presented?

I’m using MAX_OTG on fw_6.3.5

Martin, I was able to retrive the full information like your, only from my Balance 210.

Could the command for the MAX_OTG be different?


Hi all and @TK_Liew , I was reviving this thread since we are in the same situation and looking for that same data via the API.

Has there been any feature updates to provide this data via the API? I looked through it everywhere and can’t find this data, although it exists in JSON format when using the http://[IP-ADDRESS]/cgi-bin/MANGA/api.cgi?func=status.pepvpn&infoType=peer+profile+tunnel&size=500&searchPattern=&tunnelOption=1-1 link


@CPT, no ETA at the moment as this involved major changes. Thanks.

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Ok, thanks. Is there any other way to retrieve bandwidth information of WANs that are in a speed fusion tunnel via the API?