Seurity/Malware Question

If my home devices are infected with malware will my new router become infected once I plug my infected device into the new router and log into the gui?

Common sense tells me yes but I thought I’d ask in case someone has a different answer.

Although nothing is impossible, Its very very unlikely that malware on your home devices will ‘infect’ your Peplink router. Even with full admin rights and unhindered network access to the router it would be challenging to compromise the OS and change the underlying code.

If there was a likely attack vector, it would be compromising a different network device then monitoring the network until someone logs into the router to try and get the admin credentials, then armed with this, opening additional ports or setting up a VPN on the Peplink device to give a remote actor more access to do more.

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Thank you for your response. And also for not including the word paranoid.

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