Setup wizard for SpeedFusion configuration

SpeedFusion Cloud could help regular folks to use SpeedFusion, not just network specialists. But its configuration is kind of complicated.

In order to help the regular consumer to get it right on SpeedFusion configuration, I think some “setup wizard” could be helpful? Internally, this could be represented as a “decision tree”. Externally, it looks like the Microsoft troubleshooting tool, a bunch of intuitive questions, and then add some actual testing data of the link quality, in order to set up the configuration for the not-so-savvy customers.

For example, the first question: What is your primary internet connection? Choice: fiber, cable, 5G, LTE, other cellular, Satellite, DSL, MPLS, starlink, other.

Second question: what is the 2nd internet connection? Same choices as above.

3rd question: What is your most important goal for SpeedFusion: Choice: Stable internet connection (no drop of connection), Higher speed (fast download and upload), Save cost.

4th question: What is your 2nd most important goal?

5th question: Stable connection may incur higher bandwidth cost, how concerned are you with the extra bandwidth cost?

6th question (if customer wants stable connection): Are you concerned about the stability of connection for all applications, or some of them? Toggle all that apply: phone calls , zoom calls, videos…

Then after these questions, along with testing customers’ link quality/speed, the setup wizard could come up with some configuration, and may even ask the customer if he/she wants the wizard to change the configuration dynamically based on the link quality on the fly.

For sure, this is the job of a product manager, so I am just giving an example. The idea is to ask questions that could be understood by almost anyone on the street.

Ideally, the user interface for regular consumers and network professionals should be separated completely, because regular people tend to be intimidated by terms they don’t understand.

With that being said, I am not sure my questions above achieved that goal. I am sure many people don’t even know the difference between “fiber” and “cable” :slight_smile: That seems weird for professionals, but quite reasonable for regular folks.


Excellent idea!

Interesting idea. However, it would be important for it not to behave like Micro$oft’s tools in any way. We’d want Peplink’s to work. :wink:


Yeah, Microsoft’s troubleshooting tool sucks, although that is because its implementation was bad, the idea of using a few questions and a decision tree to reach a solution is actually good.

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Agreed, @dajian888 . One of the heuristical approaches we use to solve problems is actually just that!

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