Setup/Use SpeedFusion Cloud WITHOUT InControl?

I just filed a support ticket with this info after searching for a solution in the forum, but hoping someone here can direct me faster than Peplink itself. So here goes, and thanks in advance for any help.

Hi. My primary goal is to set up SpeedFusion Cloud WITHOUT having to use InControl2. Here’s what I did to try that, but still not working.

I have a Balance30 LTE purchased 11/19, so out of warranty. No need or desire for extended warranty on it, but I would like to use SpeedFusion Cloud. I also just purchased two new AP One AX APs and installed them by logging directly into the router and doing setup. All went well and they were working perfectly. But then I then tried to set up SpeedFusion Cloud… I completed info necessary to start trial, and nothing showed up in router indicating I had done so. I then purchased a $20 “top-up”, thinking that perhaps the free trial was over. Still nothing. So, I logged into InControl2, and that’s when it all broke loose, badly. BIG MISTAKE.

Either b/c of my login, or just as a coincidence of the new APs “phoning home”, I lost connection with the APs, info in the router was reset to what I had back when I was trying out IC2 last year (even the WAN names were overwritten to old values!) and I had to completely reset router to factory defaults (and setting InControl to “disable”). I got the APs working again (had to re-enter EVERYthing), but I still need SpeedFusion Cloud… I can see both the trial and the top-up on my account if I log into Peplink, but have no idea how to now get it activated on my router WITHOUT InControl / IC2. There’s no way I want to use IC2 after losing much of a weekend b/c of the previous debacle that erased my settings. Can someone please advise me as to how to just leave IC2 out of the mix, and get SpeedFusion Cloud activated on the router? Thanks!

I have never really thought about the mechanisms and relationships between SpeedFusion Cloud and InControl2 but since SpeedFusion Cloud requires the configuration of a remote device to connect to one or more SFC end points, and there needs to be the capability to measure usage, I suspect it has to have an IC2 connection / management session to make that work. I’m sure someone at Peplink will confirm that either way.

If you don’t want to use IC2 to manage your physical devices then another approach would be to host your own Fusionhub appliance as an alternative to SpeedFusion Cloud.
Although as a virtual appliance you do need an IC2 account, you could create a new one just for this purpose.

It’s more effort to host your own FusionHub compared to SFC, but you do then get full control over your bonding.

Here’s an update on this: I was able to turn off IC2 at the router, so that the router doesn’t try to use IC2. But I used my same login credentials to set up a SpeedFusion Cloud account, and it’s been working great. So, the key seems to be turning off IC2 at the router.

It was a real pain having to reconfigure everything in the router after Ic2 wiped out my settings, but at least it’s now a clean install that is working really well. As for SFC, I often watch my Starlink and fixed wireless ISP in realtime when on Teams/Zoom calls, and when Starlink has one of its well-known drops of a few seconds every hour or so (no obstructions, but it’s still in beta), the fixed wireless connection instantly picks up the load via SFC. Really makes Starlink usable as the primary WAN (fantastic speed and latency) while allowing me to have good conferencing capabilities.