Setup firmware questions for a novice in networking


Max-Br1-Lte-US (out of warranty) (max-br1-8400)

Setting up a mobile network using the following:
Max-Br1 modem
Wilson extreme RV booster
Verizon single booster (To start)
T-Mobil sim
AT&T Sim
Dual Altelix 698-2700 MHz, 50Ohm directional 12dBi W/ splitter PD2021

Objective-Mobile Wireless wifi and cellular connectivity that I can take with me for calls, video conferencing, uploads, downloads and streaming.

OK, I’ve been playing around and am finally stuck. I am trying to update the firmware to 7.1.2 before I upgrade to 8.0.2 and I keep getting the error unsupported format. Is there something I’m missing? Normally the packet should unzip and install and its looking for a program to open it with.

As far as iControl Is this a paid for service or just for warranty purposes or ongoing product management? I have tried to update firmware through this panel with no success either.

I have also noticed the onboard VPN option. Can I use the onboard VPN or can I incorporate my NordVPN account for masking. I’ve been reading that the use of a VPN masks the modem so is not to throttle down.

Looking for help from any or all to get this monster moving asap.

Thank you in advance.

Hello @Gsa396,

Based on our experiences, do not use a booster with any brand of a cellular modem, get suitable high gain antennas, there is a document about this available to your local Peplink Partner that they can help you. By all means, though a suitable repeater/booster can help with mobile phone calls.

The firmware files should never be unzipped or deconstructed in any way. The FW files are a binary file that only the router can decode. If you are manually downloading the firmware, the only legitimate place to get the firmware from is Peplink’s website at

InControl2 is a fully-featured device management and monitoring platform. InControl2 is, in our view, the most extensive usable and best supported of all venders today in the market. You have a complimentary 12 months included with your devices warranty, access beyond that can be acquired through your local Peplink Partner, find them here

There are lots of consumer VPN options out there. You can also search this forum as there some extensive guides and post from contributors on options here, consider looking to run a self-hosted FusionHub Solo.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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