Setup AP one Mini from Balance One

I have a Balance One, and just purchased an AP One Mini.

I plugged the Mini into a POE+ switch which is plugged into the Balance One on a regular Trunk ethernet port. Both lights are green on the mini. In the Balance One / Status / Client List I can see the AP One Mini has pulled a DHCP address (which on this network is 10.x.x.x). If I navigate to https://10.x.x.x/ I get the mini’s web login page. So the device is clearly alive and awake.

However, on the Balance One / AP tab, I can’t seem to find the Mini.

AP / Wireless SSID / AP Controller / External AP is checked. Permitted AP is set to “Any”. Sync method is “As soon as possible”

I tried AP / Controll Status / Nearby Device - nothing. I searched by the MAC address: nothing.

Is there some initial setup step I need to do to let the Balance One control this new AP-One-AC-Mini?

Figured it out: the Peplink AP One AC Mini, being brand new, is Wave 2, and running Firmware 7.0, which apparently requires the Balance One to be 8.0.1 or later, as explained here: Pepwave AC Mini HWrev2

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