Setting up AP one rugged


I purchased a AP one rugged and am trying to set up on a boat to be the wireless access to marinas and if not available my phone got spot. Then allowing my devices to run seemlessly in the boat. So far I have got my computer to link to the peplink wirelessly however can get any further. I try in my browser and can’t get anywhere. How can I get some help


Do you want your AP ONE Rugged to connect to the marinas wifi, and then rebroadcast it so your devices can connect to the AP ONE Rugged?
If this is what you want to do, the AP ONE Rugged is not the right product choice.
It sounds like you need something like a Surf OTG or MAX BR1


@Squeenx You need to leverage or use WIFI as WAN. You can login to the peplink device by going to usually with admin and admin as username and password. Then you go IN ENABLE WIFI AS WAN then search for the Marina’s wifi. This is done a lot by RV persons who want to connect to the locations wifi then use their router like their connecting to a modem onsite.


thanks for the information. I returned the rugged and bought a surf soho. its working great now with one exception. i would like to be able to use a cell hot spot when a network is not available. i am unable to see either of my phones in my list. i have a I phone 7 and an i phone x. my computer sees the hot spots so they are working properly. also i updaed the firm ware on the soho to 7.1.
is there a setting i should change?