Setting up a MAX BR1 LTE to communincate to a remote PLC on a private subnet

I have a need to remotely connect to a static IP address device on a remote private IP network. My MAX BR1 has a Verizon LTE static address. The MAX BR1 is connected on the LAN side to the remote device at MAX BR1 is still set to the factory default My remote PC is on the public Internet with dual NICS - a Wifi NIC connection gets it on the Internet. I have a wired port configured for the private IP range used on the local device LAN, not used when I am remote.

My remote PC software needs to be able address the remote device as if it was on the same private network or the remote software will not work. I have to create a network connection that effectively bridge the remote and local private networks together transparently. What is the best way to do this with your product - an IpSec VPN? Speed Fusion? some other method?

Alternatively, I could configure the remote device to a public IP address to match the cell providers static IP. That has a subnet of with gateway at .209 and IP address at .215. Presume that gives me .210 thru .214 available to assign to my remote device. Not sure exactly how to configure the MAX BR1 for this.