set domains to bypass SFC


I’m trying to set some websites to bypass SFC and use a straight internet connection, to avoid the VPN blocking issues these websites have.
I do this by setting an Outbound Policy rule that names the domain, and chooses a connection.

I also have SFC set for traffic from my work desktop.

I suspect the SFC rule for my computer is keeping the website domain rule from bypassing SFC.

How do I make it so by default my desktop traffic uses SFC, unless I have a specific rule for a website?


Hi @michele654. Well, as I expect you have figured out, Outbound Policies are your friend here – a very powerful tool. Remember that OBP rules are interpreted top-down. So, if you want to send all traffic to SFC other than the exceptions you have named, place the exceptions above the rule which sends all traffic to SFC. Example: Here’s a rule which specifies that traffic to will use AT&T if it is available and if not, Spectrum. (One could also used “enforced” if necesary.)

Incidentally, you can see which WANs are being used by the various devices by going to Status → Active sessions.

Thank you Rick.

My problem is that my desktop is assigned to SFC in the SpeedFusion panel via Connect Clients to Cloud, not outbound policies.

Will I need to remove it from there, and then add a rule at the bottom of the outbound policies to send my desktop traffic via SFC?


This question is answered in much detail on a different post, with a wonderful video from @MartinLangmaid that shows exactly where and how the SFC rules can be moved around in the outbound policy.

That post is here