Set Bandwidth Limit On a WAN device, but only affects specified IP

On the Max700 I want a way to set a bandwidth limit for a specific WAN device that only effects a specified IP address.

If we were looking to cap the bandwidth usage to a certain website e.g. Youtube then I would believe that this is to prevent certain users streaming your 3G out of data.

But to a specific IP address only, what is the application for this?

Hi, This application doesn’t pertain to websites. In short, what I am trying to do is allow an access point on my Max700 LAN have more bandwidth depending on the WAN. This AP is for customers and I don’t want to set the cap across the board super low just because 80% of the time they will be on cellular data and the rest of the time they’re on high speed broadband aka. Wifi over WAN. My WWAN is in it’s own priority group so there shouldn’t be a issue discerning when we’re on that connection.

Alright if I understand you correctly, instead of bandwidth cap to certain IP, we are talking about bandwidth cap when certain WAN is up/down.

i.e. when WiFi WAN is down - use “less”, when it is up - as fast as it goes?

We can take advantage of Application QoS to ensure critical traffic are served first when bandwidth is in dire need. And if we are concerned of going over your 3G data limit we can use our Bandwidth Usage Monitor to take care of that.

There is no need to cap bandwidth usage when we are on 3G link.

We’re almost on the same page. I want a certain bandwidth cap per WAN and only applies to certain IP’s(or in my case the interface IP I assigned to my AP)

To your example - If the Wifi is up I want that AP/IP Address to have 3meg down but if wifi is off and we’re on 3G then I only want that IP to get 256kb down.

There is a need to cap usage on 3G, just at a lower threshold. this is one of the main objectives of this feature, but more importantly only apply this to users of a certain IP.

Ah from thread #1 I was thinking of WAN IP but now it’s clear.

This could be a a feature request on Bandwidth Control - conditional bandwidth control policy, depending on WAN status.

Let me know if you need anything else from me. Thanks,