Sessions from downstream subnet showing up in upstream router with downstream IP

This screen shot is from a Balance 30, which controls the entire 192.168.10. subnet, so the DNS packets at the bottom of the listing are as expected. The Balance 30 has only one LAN connection, to one of a Balance One’s WAN ports. The Balance One controls the entire 192.168.5. subnet. All clients connect to the Balance One. An Outbound Policy rule on the Balance One would direct these HTTP packets to the Balance 30, but typically the source would show up as the Balance One ( rather than the 192.168.5. subnet client IP address.

Odd that these 192.168.5. HTTP packets are making it past the Balance One. Also odd that they are bogus destination IPs - notice the second two octets are identical in all (could be wrong from clients, or some router quirk?). Any ideas why these are showing up on the Balance 30 and not on the Balance One?

Please open a support ticket here for the support team to have a look.

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