Session Persistence with backup satellite connection

I have a speed fusion tunnel connecting to our Datacenter via both LTE and Satellite. I want to keep the satellite used a little as possible but maintain session persistence between both WAN links. Satellite airtime is very expensive. Is it possible to maintain persistence for our traffic keeping LTE as Primary an making Satellite as standby. I want the Satellite available instantly needed by not using traffic except of health checks. When LTE not available I want it to switch but not lose the sessions.

Hello @Barranett,
You can add customise outbound policy rules that will do this for you.



These two images above show the options (in a Balance Router this is under the “Network” Menu, on a MAX Router this is under the “Advance” Menu).
See how you go with these to get you started on setting up the SpeedFuion load balancing the way you need it, look forward to hear how it goes.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


I’m seeing good results but which one is the most efficient model to keep
unnecessary traffic of satellite and still keep the link active for
failover and session persistence. Also, should I change the speed fusion
link detection time from the defaults to say “faster or extreme” I need to
ensure session persistence.

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Hello @Barranett,
You will need to test this as each LTE carrier and Satellite carrier network behaves slightly differently.
If your link is “Mission Critical” then yes you can change the detection to “Extreme (Approx. 1 sec)”
You may find the post from @TK_Liew to be helpful.

You can also setup “Advanced WAN Settings” within InControl2 for the SpeedFusion where you can set a lot of this.

Here is a basic example of values that can be used.

If you need further assistance, it may be best to ask Peplink to help put you in touch with your local Peplink Partner who will have expertise in SpeedFusion for you.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: