Service based routing with Peplink

Wondering if there is a way to say send all youtube traffic out a specific Wan. I can not find a way to do that in outbound policy. I know there is DPS and would think something like this would be easy to do. I have 2 cell cards 1 unlimited but a bit slower and 1 fast but limited I would like to use youtube and other services like that with the slower unlimited and send other traffic to the faster.

Post here with a method. Outbound rule for youtube video
Youtube is not currently a SaaS option in InControl yet:

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Would hope to not have to use incontrol to do this. For personal In truck use I would like to have any of this available without incontrol

incontrol2 SaaS rules automatically get updated as source ip/domain names changes.
You can build your own list of ip’s locally and store in a group network.

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you would think that with DPI this could be better on all devices. is there any future implementation using DPI on the roadmap for this. Unifi does this well so do many other commercial appliances.