Separate Clients Peplink 20

Another question. I use my 20s in a public environment (apartment buildings). Can i separate users and traffic so they can’t see each other. This is more like a public wi-fi situation.

I believe you are having a single LAN subnet just behind the Peplink Balance 20. If it is right, then the build LAN switch on Peplink Balance 20 is already doing this. According to the behavior of the LAN switch, the traffic on different ports cannot see each others.

I have one Ethernet cable out to a 24 port ADSL2+ Dslam. 24 users on the Dslam. I need to make sure clients cannot see each other on the network. The Dslam has port separation but can my clients see each other in the Peplink. Can see

Please send us your network diagram with IP address assignment via the following contact us form. We have to understand your network in order to provide accurate answer.