Send e-mail notification when login to Web Admin

Whenever someone tries to login, is there a way to get an email that an attempt was made and if the login was successful or unsuccessful?

I’ve found that with many things, such as Remote Desktop, server IPMIs, FTP servers, web sites and etc… that people port scan ip addresses and once they find an open port, they programmatically guess usernames and passwords.

I know it’s possible to restrict access of the Web Admin to local ip addresses and it’s possible to use PPTP to make it harder for hackers to get to the Web Admin, even still it would be nice to know if anyone found your site and is trying to guess the username/password. As once compromised, you’re in a world of pain.

So if an email could be sent for each login attempt showing the IP address/date, that would at least let you know if you need to take further measures to secure the login page.

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We don’t support this at the moment. I will move this to Feature Request for product team to take consideration.

It would be nice to know if anyone is trying to guess your L2TP with IPsec credentials.