Send All Traffic To PepVPN profile setting question


I have a question or two about the setting option: Send All Traffic To PepVPN

I have the VPN all configured with Fusion hub solo in the cloud, all working and no problems.

If i choose to have “send all traffic to pepVPN” on, then i understand nothing can go out on the local wan, so if the cloud server did go down, the internet would go down since all traffic is being directed to the VPN, so far i assume this is correct?

What happens if i leave the option off? The purpose of the VPN tunnel is to provide us with bonding and smoothing, and i have smoothing on and set to “normal”.

By default does the Balance 380 not use the speedfusion VPN setup for all traffic unless the VPN is down?

I would prefer to keep the internet alive even when the VPN is down, so keeping that option to send all traffic to VPN OFF, but at the same time when it is up i do want to take advantage of the VPN features, specifically speed and smoothing.

Could someone clarify the above please.

Thank you


Hi Kieran
You best solution is to not use the option of “Send All Traffic To SpeedFusion”
The way to do it is via the “Outbound Policy Rules”
Set a rule for like the following;

This will send all traffic over SpeedFusion and if the SpeedFusion tunnel fails, you traffic can route out to the internet locally.
Also, if you have some devices that you don’t want to use SpeedFusion, you can make separate rules for them and place that rule above this on - just change the Source from all to IP Address or MAC Address to specify individual clients.


Thanks for this answer

By default the balance 380 has a HTTPS Persistence rule to send a specific machines traffic down the same WAN every time.

Since we are using speed fusion VPN and smoothing would that rule even be of any benefit? I think i can just delete the persistance rule right?


Hello @KieranC,
Rather than delete the rule, make it the last rule for traffic to hit, then if you have any reason that it occurs for the SpeedFusion traffic not be on the rule prior, the “HTTPS Persistence” rule will be there.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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