Semi-daily reboot required

We have a MAX-BR1-ENT-LTEA that appears to have a system hiccup. The device is used as a LTE-A modem for an internet connection. It replaced a Cradlepoint modem. It is solely used as a modem, no routing or other abilities are enabled.

The network appears to fail after 1-2 days and requires the internet connection to be reset (or device rebooted): What happens is the device becomes extremely laggish, internet packets are ignored or delayed. During this time wireshark confirms multiple duplicate, dropped, and delayed TCP requests happening, it just seems the system has lost a good ‘handshake’ with Verizon.

We have had the pepwave setup with both IP passthrough enabled and disabled (in LTE)- with no difference in the outcome.

With or without the health smart check enabled - the connection still needs to be rebooted

The signal is strong (20 SINR, -56 RSSI, -8 RSRQ), and these reboots were not required with the cradlepoint modem it replaced.

It also appears to happen after heavy traffic (multiple speed tests can occasionally trigger it)

A reboot on the modem can resolve the issue - until it occurs 1-2 days later the network again becomes extremely “laggish” requiring another reboot.

This is not normal behavior. Be sure you are running the latest firmware and open a support ticket with us here if the issue persists.

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A ticket has been opened, and it is on the latest firmware.

Thank you

Would be nice if your team would address the issue and provide an RMA