Select Gateway by Content Group

We have configured Captive Portal authentication using tokens for a MAX-BR1 using 3G or 4G (vessel) . We have also created groups for Content Management (such as Managers, Users, etc…). Is tehre a way to spesify that Manageres will have access through SIM A , and Users from SIM B ???


Yannis Nikolaides

The BR1 only has a single cellular radio so this is not possible. SIM B is a secondary SIM in case the first one fails or loses signal. Thanks.

Sorry , My mistake, we have MAX-HD2 installed on that vessel with 2 SIM Cards


I will assume you slot in the SIM cards into Cellular 1 & Cellular 2 for the HD2.

You can define the outbound policy to decide the outbound traffics flows.


  1. Manager IP address load balance using cellular 1 & cellular 2
  2. Staff IP address enforce using cellular 2
  3. Default Policy (Guest) enforce using Cellular 1.

Thank You

Thank you very much for your answer.

I appreciate