Select a specific wan connection

hello, I want to know how to switch the connection to a router customers on a wan connection. bypasses the load balancing for that specific router.

i have Peplink Balance 305


Please provide the high level network diagram here for us to propose the recommended setup.

Thank You

I have 3 different internet provider, I wish that my personal router uses an internet provider so that only one modem on the 3 that are connected to my Peplink


Do you mean your personal router is behind B305 which connected to B305’s LAN? Then any traffic from personal router only redirect to WAN1 (for example) of B305?

yes it is his


You may add Outbound Policy as below:-

Source: IP Address, <Your personal router IP>
Destination: Any
Protocol: Any
Algorithm: Priority
Priority Order: (for example) 1) WAN1 2) WAN2 3)WAN3