Seggregate remote user access to diferent networks

Hello, community. I have a quick question. Currently, I have 5 networks set up in one of our Peplink Balance One, they work perfectly so far. My issue is that If I want to allow someone to connect to my Peplink using VPN I can only select one of those networks. Is there a way to assign a specific network to the remote users connecting to the VPN?

User1 —> VPN —> Test Site 1
User2 —> VPN —> Test Site 2
User3 —> VPN —> Test Site 3

Right now I can only choose one network but if I need to give access to someone instead of opening Publick Ports I cant do it and they would have access to stuff they shouldn’t from other networks. Thanks for any help.

I think this is an active feature request… you might want to find that thread and vote on it!