Secure CCTV for Law Enforcement - Cellular VPN Using Layer 2 SpeedFusion Tunnels


  • Police vehicles are using a proprietary nationwide emergency network that provides secure and high-signal mobile coverage.
  • Each police vehicle has a dashboard mounted camera that is always running to in order to capture potential evidence for legal proceedings.


  • Video information needs to be streamed live from patrol vehicles to a secure police datacenter so that commanders can get a live view of the situation from each vehicle’s perspective. Live video streaming is only available currently from Police Helicopters over microwave links.
  • The VPN tunnel of each vehicle needs to be isolated from others
  • 2Mbps upload speed is needed to stream HD video at an optimal framerate of 15fps

Recommended Solution:

  • Separate each vehicle on a different layer 2 VLAN
  • Build a SpeedFusion connection to the Balance 1350 through a private APN rather than through a public carrier.
  • Use a Balance 1350 as a transparent Layer 2 Switch between the L3 router and the remote vehicle networks.
  • Use an existing third party Layer 3 router as the DHCP server for the remote vehicle networks.
  • The Layer 3 router acts as a firewall between the remote LAN traffic, blocking network traffic between the vehicles.

Devices Deployed: MAX HD2, Balance 1350

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