Second LAN IP

Previously we had two internet gateways on a net, and About 100 clients are using the first one and about 200 are using the second one. Now a new Balance 580 is to take their place and provide internet for all the clients.

I configured the LAN interface to How do I bind the second IP to the LAN interface?

My friend ,

using Peplink , you will have only one gateway on your network and that would be the IP address of the LAN interface of the Peplink. if there’s no any other firewall or proxy server on the edge.
on the other side you have to connect both Internet connections to the WAN ports. please be aware that IP address on the LAN side
should not be on the same subnet with the WAN ports IP configurations. it means you have to move the IP address of your previous two gateways to another subnet for example : change them to 192.168.0… or 172.16.2… something different from LAN side.

Yes, there should be only one router. The idea was to just bind a second ip address to the LAN interface (ip addr add dev eth0 so to speak) so we don’t need to change the gateway address on any of the clients.

As a quickfix I set up a server that then sends ICMP redirects to the clients:
ip addr add dev eth0
route add default gw
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

However, this introduces another point of failure and I’d rather like a solution in the router.

As I know , currently Peplink doesn’t support second IP address on LAN interface. as a workaround you can enable and use the DHCP service of the Peplink to assign gateway , DNS and other configurations to your clients automatically.