SD WAN with one device?

We have one Peplink Balance One router plus other-brands routers connected to WANs

Can we build a SD WAN in this scenario or do we need to use at least two or more peplink devices?

For full SD-WAN capability you want to use Speedfusion VPN which is a point to point technology.
So you have two options:

  1. Setup another device (or use a Fusionhub virtual appliance) in a datacenter or a location with fantastic internet connectivity and create a Speedfusion VPN to that.
  2. Use Speedfusion Cloud which is Peplinks hosted Speedfusion appliance service.

Martin, that’s the scenario. 2 sites connected through a wireless gigabit bridge. Both sites use the same multiean peplink gateway. Site n. 2 has an unused backup WAN, would like to use that one somehow…

OK cool. So something like a SDX at both sites would be able to fit here. Move the Wireless Bridge to the WAN of the SDX at both sites, then create a Layer 2 Speedfusion VPN between them to combine all WANs and the P2P link together for hot-failover if the P2P wifi link fails.

Ah OK. SO if you don’t want to put another balance at Site 2 but want to use the backup WAN there then you would need to put the WAN backup in a vlan then plug a WAN of the balance into the core switch with that VLAN ID set.

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Genius! Will do that! Thanks :slight_smile:

As a follow up on this, traffic from block 2 to the WAN backup (as a VLAN through the Balance One) will flow forward and backwards over the network. It shouldn’t be a major issue as the line capability is of 70M down / 20 Up

Your thoughts?

True yes. Not much that can be done about that unless you can put in another p2p wifi link for the wan only (or upgrade the existing link).

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