SD-WAN for Global Mining Company

EnvironmentA global mining company with corporate offices, active mining operations and survey/exploration expeditions in 29 countries as well as a number of specialist consultant engineering staff that travel between the locations.

RequirementThe company has 6 large globally spread corporate head offices, 20 global regional offices ranging in size from 3 to 30 staff, 5 active expedition teams and 6 specialist consultant engineers.
They run a central datacenter where all corporate applications and data are provisioned.

The company wishes to create a software defined WAN that links all locations and consultant engineers using whatever connectivity is available at the remote site. This is a mix of fiber, cable, DSL and Cellular with the engineers needing secure connectivity when using public wifi services in hotels and airports.

Remote monitoring, management and access is required to allow for easy remote support by the centralised Network team.

Suggested Solution

  1. A pair of Balance 1350
    ](’s are deployed in the datacenter in a highly available active/passive pair.
  2. Balance 710
    ](’s are deployed to each global head office.
  3. Balance 210s, 310’s, 305s, 380’s and 580’s
    ]( deployed in the regional offices - sized on the number of staff at each location and the number of WAN links required to provide enough bandwidth and reliability using diverse internet connections (fiber / cable / dsl/ LTE as required).
  4. MAX HD2’s
    ]( deployed to the remote expedition sites initially using Dual LTE and/or Satellite internet connectivity. Fixed line connectivity can be added at those locations if available and desired.
  5. The travelling / mobile specialist engineer consultants carry MAX On The Go
    ](’s with them. These can be used to connect to the internet via a LTE USB dongle or they can connect using WiFi as WAN to hotel and airport wifi networks.
  6. SpeedFusion VPN
    ]( is used to create a secure, private WAN infrastructure that connects all remote devices to the Balance 1350’s in the datacenter. The remote staff can connect to corporate resources securely from wherever they are deployed.
  7. InControl 2
    ]( is used as the SD-WAN controller, enabling full visibility and remote management of all deployed devices and real time bandwidth usage statistics for the remote sites enabling proactive bandwidth capacity planning.

Devices Deployed: Balance](, MAX HD2](, OTG



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