SD Switch - 2 months of use summary

Hi Team,

we have recently purchased a few units of 24p SD Switch which is a great device and we as well as our customers love it. Since you ask to give our feedback on your devices I thought I’ll write a little summary.

IC2 management is great! Link and PoE status, port type, networks… Everything is there. One glimpse on devices dashboard and you know everything you need to know.

When comparing to our switch management before, SD Switch it is so simple and user friendly that I can’t believe we could last so long with our previous supplier :slight_smile:

VLAN management is also easy, since we use it a lot with other devices. I love it that, you can configure VLANs simultaneously on BLC and Switches… but I believe that there should be VLAN mgmt available also on device, not only group level.

I do not understand why was the VLAN list erased from devices dashboard - it was very useful.

Web Admin
We did not use web admin much, because you can either manage switch via IC2 or via Web Admin. This is actually a thing that was a bit surprising.

When configuring our new network we created all Balance 710 VLANs via Web Admin. When it came to configuring VLANs on SD Switch, we firstly chose Web Admin… and than the switch has synched with IC2 and it has overwritten all Balances VLANs… We finally had to stay with IC2 configuration, but needed to go trough whole config once again (IP range etc.)

SD Switch should be online on IC2 when under Web Admin management. Some of our customers want to use IC2 just to check the devices status.

In my opinion there should still be a VLAN list available on Web Admin when the Switch is under IC2 management,. Especially because SD Switch is sometimes offline while all connected devices are visible and reachable form IC2.

To sum up, SD Switch is a great and easy-to-use device which we are planning to use a lot. There are a few minor problems, but i am sure it can be solved quickly.

Can’t wait for the 8p SD Switch.
I would also like to see a SD Switch without PoE to reduce costs of simple LAN without PoE supplied devices.