Script for Warranty renewals or RMA approvals for Peplink/Pepwave devices


Hi team,

In our daily work we do a lot with SmartCares/warranty renewals/rma approvals and with this kind of sales/support we have to be sure of the condition of the device.

-Out-of-warranty devices that needs warranty renewals
-SmartCares (Advance hardware replacements)

We have a small discussion here in the office and we are asking ourselves if it would be possible to have some kind of script that runs through the Peplink/Pepwave device to check if the unit is still in working condition.

For example:
-routing table (to see if there are any routing conflicts)
-cellular modem status

Before we can proceed with the renewal we have to ask for a diag report to our resellers, send the diag report to Peplink and after approval we can follow up. It would be great to have a script that does the “checking” and give us an approval for warranty renewals or RMA approvals.

Because of the timezone our customers sometimes have to wait a day before we can proceed with activating the warranty or sending out an advance hardware replacement without knowing 100% sure if it’s an RMA.

If there is a script like this we as distributors can act fast and effectively and can take things off your plate :slight_smile:

Besides that we are able to troubleshoot better with a script. If there is a RMA we can troubleshoot the unit with the script and see exactly what is defective.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this!