Scheduled Reports, More Granular Bandwidth Reporting/Alerts

Peplink Partner here.

We use Peplink devices to deliver cellular IoT and internet connectivity solutions leveraging many different carriers. Bandwidth reporting can be a nightmare using the carrier tools.

The Web Admin and InControl2 reports are pretty helpful when determining bandwidth usage and the builtin settings on reporting overages is helpful but I’d like to see some more granular controls and automated reporting via email.

For example, we have a T-Mobile card that provides up to 16GBs of data per month before it will no longer provide any data services. We also have an AT&T card setup for a backup connection that is connected to a larger pool of data. We have allocated 10GBs of traffic for the client per month and any data usage over that get’s billed to the client per GB. We can’t set a 10GB cap on the T-Mobile card or it would limit the ability to utilize the full monthly 16GBs. We would like to have a way to alert the client when they get close to the threshold of 10GBs as a whole.

Features we’d like to see:

[li]More Granular Rules/Alerts for Data Usage by WAN TYPE (ALL WAN, WWAN, WAN Port, Cellular WAN ALL, Cellular WAN Individual)[/li][LIST]
[li]Rules that can have threshold triggers (IE: X amount of Data per day or X GBs threshold within X time period) and allow you to specify different alert email addresses. IE: Daily Usage spike alert service desk or Data Usage X% of Monthly Allowance Utilized alerts Client/Operations.[/li][/ul]

[li]Scheduled Reports for InControl2 & Device Web Admin -[/li][ul]
[li]INCONTROL2 - IE on this day/date every X (Year/Month/Week) send Device Report for RANGE (Last 31 Days/Last 7 Days/Last Day/Custom Range)[/li][li]Device Web Admin - Bandwidth Reports[/li][/ul]

Thanks all!