Scheduled Radio Availability Missing

The company I work for has several sites all with Peplink Balance routers and Pepwave APs. I have noticed that when I have the APs set up in stand alone mode (no controller or InControl), I get the option to schedule when the radio is on or off. However, when I add one of the APs to one of the Balance router’s controller functionality, that setting disappears. Yes, I am clicking the ? in the upper right corner on the settings screen and selecting to show the hidden advanced options. It’s just not there. I can’t find anywhere in documentation that states whether it’s supported or not when controlled via AP controller. Does anyone have any idea about this? Surely I’m not the only one who has run into this.


I think the label for this field in the controller is a bit cryptic, but the feature you want is there. Check out the attached image.

You define the schedules from the router via System > Schedule


Thanks for the info! I would have never found that. Has it always been there or is that new in the last couple of firmware releases?

Yes, we had improved this and consolidate the scheduler under System > Schedule for last couple of firmware releases.

System > Schedule

If the APs is manage by AP Controller, you need to configure the scheduler setting via AP controller.

Schedule SSID Availability

AP Controller Standard

AP Controller Pro