Schedule reboot in surf soho


Hi there,

I have a lot of problems with a Pepwave Surf Soho that is instaled in a remote location (no one there).

This is used to connect to a remote server usjng a secure pepvpn tunnel.

The primary internet conection is WiFi WAN and secundary is WAN. Both are set to connect to tp-link 3020 3G router that is using a 3G usb modem as internet access.

If Internet doesn’t come from any of the primary and secundary access, there is also another 3G usb modem directly connected to the Surf Soho.

Pepvpn is set to connect to my main office Peplink Balance 380.

The main problem is that, don’t know why, but from time to time, I do lose the pepvpn connection and the only solution is to go there and reboot the Surf Soho to re-establish the connection.

My suggestion for a future development is to include a schedulled reboot system. For example, to reboot the device every “x” days at a specific time (normally, at night).

I am considering the instalation of a Surf Soho in each of my remote servers, and this is my trial instalation. Up to the moment, this is my only problem, but it is a serious problem…

Best Regards

Nuno Olivença


Hi Nuno,

I will help to open Support Ticket for your case by using this e-mail address

Thank you.


Hi tkliew,

Thank you very much for your reply.

However, I was confused…

How do I open a support ticket for this issue?

Best Regards

Nuno Olivença


Hi Nuno,

Your ticket was created. This is the ticket no - 740335

Thank you.



A product like this would solve the problem:

Only issue would be compatible power plug for where you are in the world.


Of course an IP Switch is a “workaround” for you, Nuno. But we would appreciate if you can assist our support team to investigate the root cause, because it’s our job to improve the product and make sure it’s super reliable.

Thank you.