Schedule changes in the preferred SIM card/connection

System:Balance 30 LTE with two SIM cards (AT&T and Verizon)
AT&T is inexpensive and slow, Verizon is expensive and fast

Use case:During the night we want the connection to be on AT&T (for backups, updates and other high-volume transfers where response time is not (much) of an issue.
During the day we want the connection to be on Verizon to make the system responsive to interactive use by the clients.

Settings could be either a matter of “preferred” carrier (SIM A during the day, SIM B during the night) or an absolute (use only SIM A during the day and SIM B during the night).

Question/wish:Is there a way to schedule the changes from one carrier to the other (and back again)?

If not, please consider adding such a feature to the feature wish list :slight_smile:

I will move this to Feature Request for product team to take consideration.

Thank you for your suggestion!